Shakeel Ahmed General Trading

Founded in 1986 by Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Sabrahadi in Bahrain, Shakeel Ahmed General Trading opened its first outlet in the UAE, Sharjah Al Wahda in 2014. The store was opened to meet the requirements of both Wholesale and Retail customers. Having a full-fledged sales and logistics network covering most of the UAE territory coupled with the latest technologies and logistical practices,  Shakeel Ahmed General Trading grew to be the biggest supplier in the region serving its customers with the highest level of quality and efficiency within a very short span of time. With the years of experience in the industry and high quality products in stock, it was an exuberant journey for Shakeel Ahmed General Trading in spreading its presence in the UAE market.

Today Shakeel Ahmed General Trading offers its customers a large product range under different world renowned brands. The trading was started with its full product portfolio in office and school stationery products which was imported from different parts of the world mostly under the in house brand SADAF. Today with the support of an enthusiastic and well experienced sales force, our products are registered in most of the retail outlets, hypermarkets and wholesale trading companies.

Shakeel Ahmed General Trading is also distributors and sole agents of some of the best stationery brands such as SADAF , SAX , Pauli, Sinarline, Jong ie Nara, Light, Kid Art, Golden Plus, Gangy, All time, STC, Aristo, Todays, Home care, Ratan, IQ, Mondi, to name a few. Apart from the above, we also have our own manufacturing brand namely SADAF, STC, Eman, Home Care and Sarola.

At Shakeel Ahmed General Trading, our products handpicked to meet the most stringent global standards. Since inception, our strict quality control and range of products have made us one of the leading independent stationery supply company in the region.

Being a part of the growing economy Shakeel Ahmed General Trading also diversified its operations in to different categories of products such as Household items, Cleaning products etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Superior Quality products at the best prices to our customers, continuously striving to be the key player in the region by “Exceeding the expectations".

Our Vision

To build a company providing professional distribution of premium quality products through strategic partnerships with our suppliers, our customers and our employees, offering everyone a transparent and clear relationship to maximize consistent growth and reward for all.

Shakeel Ahmed General Trading Company WLL. BAHRAIN

Shakeel Ahmed General Trading Company WLL is an established supplier of office and school stationery products in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1986. Currently, Shakeel Ahmed General Trading operates five Wholesale outlets throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain, involving in Wholesale, Retail and Distribution Activities.

Shakeel Ahmed General Trading LLC

After spreading a remarkable presence in the market, the group initiated the first export division in 2015. The group started the Shakeel Ahmed General Trading LLC, in the business hub of Dubai, Al Ras, a store completely dedicated to entertain the export orders.

Today, under SAGT, we import, distribute and export variety of products including Household products, cleaning products etc. Our export division also has helped us to create a niche customer base for our brand SADAF in different countries.